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Week 17

My use of social media since using this class has definitely increased. I went from only using Instagram and twitter to using both for my business, and also facebook. I didn't know how facebook and twitter worked for business now I know the in's and out's.
I feel like this class has increased traffic on my website and my social media platforms. I don't have too many people interacting, but the ones that do have been since I started building my social medias.
I feel like my viewpoint of social media has changed from being someone who just uses social media for fun, to seeing how it works for businesses and how it helps someone gain more traffic, or for someone just getting their name out and how they use social media to get the word out and to gain customers.
I feel like I have a way better understanding on how to use it for business successfully. It's all about being consistent and not expecting to see growth overnight. You have to work hard if you want this to be …

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