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Week 5 Post 1: Set two

The first thing I noticed when looking through Teri's Cafe and Chili's is that it seemed geared towards different types of people.
Teri Cafe for example is owned by a family who wanted quality food at good prices but still quick. So I feel like their restaurant is more focused on families who want to go out for good food but not spend a lot or be there too long. It also has a certain type of food, which is sushi, soups, teriyaki, and noodles. They are focusing on a certain type of food and making that food as best as they can to try to beat out the competition who also focuses on that certain type of food.
Chili's seems more geared towards people who want to grab a beer with their friends and hang out and maybe stay longer and use the restaurant more as a hang out spot. Chili's isn't exactly geared towards a certain type of food, they just have a little bit of everything. Which is another thing that makes it different than Teri's. You go to teri cafe when you c…

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