Week 10: Human Interest

I believe showing human interest through your blog can always be a good thing. But I do also understand when it's not your own personal blog, you might not want to be as raw as you usually would be.
I am an honest and upfront person all the time so me personally am always going to be myself and honest on my own blog, but I might hold back if someone asked me to do them a favor to post on theirs and they didn't feel comfortable with me being as honest as I usually am on their own website. But I do believe that being as honest as possible really gives people the chance to know if they want to go through what you went through or not, or experience what you experienced, therefore I believe being 100% honest is always the right thing to do.


  1. I agree, its good to be upfront and honest, but its always best to use these posts in discretion. However, these posts are great ways for your reader to get to know you thus creating a engagement that will hopefully keep them coming back to your site.

  2. They say "honesty is the best policy". I totally agree, that is where everything begins, providing an honest experience is right thing to do, be it feedback or experiences.

  3. I think your blog lends it self to a more personal tone. I liked this post and the points you made in it. Well done! I also just really love the look and layout of this blog.


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