Week 16 B

Considering the variables from recent lectures, decide which tools from the semester you would implement in your online marketing strategy.
I would definitely use scheduling, I think that it works very well with any business you choose, scheduling a certain time when you post either every day, or every other day, scheduling always helps to be consistent.

Explain why you chose the tools you did, and how you might use them to use and test a strategy over the next six months.
I think scheduling will help me stay on track of keeping traffic coming to my business. I will set aside a certain time every day in the week to post to keep traffic coming for the next several months. I will also pick a certain schedule maybe once a month to take new pictures and plan new ideas for my website.

How much time do you think your business should spend on social media marketing and why?
I believe spending about once a week to make new plans to keep it fresh new and exciting is good enough to keep people interested.

Plot out a rough draft plan of the next month of content across the sites you’ve chosen, and how you hope they might grow or sustain your business. Be as detailed as possible, including daily or weekly time requirements to meet the goals.
I've been using Instagram continually every day at the same time to grow my followers which has been happening a little slowly, but organically. I post at 9 am every day and usually grow at least 5-10 followers every day. I hope to keep this going for a very long time and hope it gains more followers in months to come and more traffic to my website.


  1. When you take pictures for blog content, do you have a set idea of what you want to capture before doing so, or is it more spur of the moment/inspired?


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